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По умолчанию 401k or other loan for solar installation

I am in the process of a solar installation and considerating options for payments. Amount is roughly $20k before tax credits. I can do a 401K loan (less paperwork, money available in a few days, interest goes back to me, paid with after tax income, loss of stock market gains for 5 years [or avoid overdue recession downturn] etc etc) or go with a credit union. Rates are %5.5 for 401k and %6.5 for 20 years for CU.

I am actually leaning towards the 401k but I have read too many financial blogs that talk against 401k loans so much it is making me hesitate? What says the boardroom? Tax credit will be about $7k so I might be able to just get a $13K loan, use some savings and hang on till I get the tax credit next year.

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