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По умолчанию Bought used car, dealer promised specific repairs, later refused. Small claims?


After forcing my wife to drive assorted trash for years due to financial issues, last winter we finally had enough cash saved up to buy something decent. After shopping for weeks, we found, test drove and paid cash for a mini-SUV from a used car lot, after getting the dealer's sales manager to agree that they would make three specific repairs to the car at a later date. The manager hand-wrote something to this effect on the sales agreement and signed it.
Fast forward a few months and after jerking my wife around repeatedly (which we were actually expecting) the lot's owner refused to perform one of the repairs the sales manager (who had apparently left or been fired at some point not long after our purchase) had agreed to. He's refused to return phone calls and simply asked me to leave when I went there in person to discuss the situation with him.
I've gotten an estimate from the local Mitsubishi dealership for them to make the repair (basically replacing the whole in-dash climate/fan control unit) for ~$800 + tax, and I think this explains the problem from his point of view. Considering what we paid for the car versus it's wholesale value, plus the hours his mechanic spent on the things they really did fix, I'm pretty certain he's losing money on the deal.
I've since sent the owner a certified letter including a copy of the estimate and asking him to either perform the repair as promised and provide receipts demonstrating he's using new parts, or write me a check to have Mitsubishi perform the repair. This was ignored.
So I'm considering just paying out of pocket to get the work done, and taking the guy to small claims court. Does the hivemind think I have any chance in hell of getting anything from the guy there?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you
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