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По умолчанию Anyone else having problems using Debit Cards at POS?


I have nos problems using my U.S. issued debit cards at the ATMs. Of course all the ATMs I can find in this part of Brazil are owned by Banco do Brasil, and they charge R$24 for each withdrawal and have a limit of R$1,000 per transaction.When I try to use these cards at the store for POS purchases they do not work. I have contacted my banks, and they have forwarded the case to Mastercard . They asked me to record the date and time of the attempted transaction, including the name of the merchant, the address, and the decline message, and I have done that. Mastercard says they are not seeing any attempt to use the cards at POS.I suspect Banco do Brasil is somehow blocking the use of these cards so the only way I can buy anything in Brasil is by using their ATMs and charging the high transaction fees.Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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